Is that possible? There are still some people out there who use an Atari computer? What the hell is that actually? Atari? Questions and questions.

To make it short: In the eighties there was a company that used to build amazing computers. A company called Atari. That company doesn't exist any more but the computers do and its operating system, too.
That OS is small, simple, clear, fast and reliable. Windows is big, complicated, unclear, slow and horribly unreliable. It is only logical that Windows has made it, isn't it?

Whenever I think of it this comes to my mind:
"We've managed to turn shit into jam. The colour is already right, just the flavour needs to be worked on still."
As you can see, it's all marketing. You can sell a crap product, if your marketing is right!

Basically there were the following Atari computers:

Apart from the TT I own all of them! Yeah, call me crazy if you want...

There were some clones, too:

Of these three I do have the Milan. For this computer I made a special site, the so called Milan-Help-Site

In my spare time I'm a free worker at RUN!-Software.

And here are some useful links for all the Atari enthusiast on this planet:


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