It's not only Radiohead, no, I do love classical music as well! In fact, they both have something in common:
It's not everyone's taste, at least not today. But why? There's so much in it! Classical music is seen as boring today! How unfair! But I do have to agree again, you've got to take your time and listen carefully to it.
For all those of you who think classical music is boring and uncool: Sorry, there's no one who can help you ;-)
The genius of former composers is still totally out of reach by anyone today. I don't think there'll ever be people like that these days. In our hectical, breathless, restless, commercial, hypocritical world! Uah! Wail! ;-)
So the question is, what is ingenious? And which composers are great? I know some people who'll never understand that I'm not a fan of Brahms. Ok, he's got some good pieces, I'm not denying that! But I think you can hear how hard he's been working. He's been a great worker, but not a genius! The greatest genius for me is maybe Schubert.
Oh, and for all those ignorants:
Classical music is not just Mozart.
Or Bach.
Or Beethoven.
Okay? :-)

If I find the time I'll put some mp3 files up here for you to get you going with some great pieces I personally like very much! For those of you who really can't stand classical music, maybe you at least try ut the Gulda Cello concerto! You'll be surprised!!!
Ingo Schmidt 2002