Of course we can't live without politics. And actually politics could be pretty interesting. To a certain extent I'm quite interested in it. But why the hell does it have to like it is on our planet?
It is not much more than (bad) theater. It's full of lies and corruption. Recently I have found this in a Clever&Smart comic:

For everyone not speaking German here is the translation:
"Well, gentlemen, I was thinking: one currency for us all. And this currency would naturally have to be the Deutsche Ma..."
"No, the French Francs, THE FRANCS"
"Fuck off, the British Pound!"
"The Guilder!"
"The Lira!"
"The Belgium Franc!"
"The Escudo!"
"The Pesete! The biggest and nicest coin in the world, just look! (*)"
(*)Yeah, just look! The Euro is not even there and yet there's already the first attempt to deceive!
"Throw them all out, those idiots! Bastards! Eurofools!"
"Would you calm down, Mr. Chancellor! Please!"
A series of conferences, meetings, expert rounds followed where everyone clearly and thoroughly put forward their arguments. At the end of these discussions, influenced by the thought of a united Europe:
"Ok, if you want, if no one has a better idea: Let's have this bloody EURO then!"
"But I insist, the Pesete will stay 2nd currency!"

Ingo Schmidt 2002